KTM LC8 Clutch Slave Cylinder

KTM LC8 Clutch Slave Cylinder

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Oberon Performance clutch slave cylinder for LC8 KTM. Designed to improve the efficiency and looks of the original clutch slave cylinder for LC8 engines. Designed to improve the efficiency and looks of the original clutch slave cylinder. The internal piston design and seal have been drastically enhanced to prevent leaks and leave a smoother clutch action. CNC machined from T6 billet alloy for lightness, strength and eye-catching looks. Seven fantastic colours to choose from. Everything you need is included in the kit including full instructions and is ready to fit.

Our piston seals are manufactured from special Viton rubber which is frozen and then CNC machined with a 'U' profile which is specifically for hydraulic use, in addition the piston itself is guided by our unique back-plate to prevent piston wear and maintain correct alignment within the slave unit, and this ultimately gives a smoother lever action and prolongs product life. The piston has been designed to reduce lever effort, further increasing feel and reducing rider fatigue. We welcome customer feedback to aide further product improvement should you feel relevant.

Manufacturer's Warranty:
Oberon Performance's slave cylinder comes with a lifetime (return to base) warranty as standard - including parts and labour. Units older than 12 months from date of purchase can be returned for a repair/replacement provided a member of Oberon Performance has been contacted prior to shipping, so your details can be logged correctly and supplied with a returns number. Failure to obtain a returns number will invalidate this warranty. Additionally please ensure the item has been packaged adequately to ensure no damage can be incurred - shipping costs from the customer to Oberon Performance will be met by the customer. All reasonable shipping costs will be refunded by Oberon in a genuine warranty issue. Oberon Performance reserves the right to reject any warranty should the returned item clearly display evidence of damage, other than natural wear and tear. Your statutory rights are not affected.

Weight: 100g

  RC8 1190 07 - 10
  RC8 1190R 09 - 15
  RC8 1190R TRACK 11 - 12
  ADVENTURE 950 03 - 05
  ADVENTURE 950S 03 - 05
  ADVENTURE 990 06 - 12
  ADVENTURE 990R 09 - 12
  ADVENTURE 990S 06 - 07
  ADVENTURE 990S 08 - 08
  ADVENTURE 1050 ABS 15 - 16
  ADVENTURE 1090 16 - 18
  ADVENTURE 1090L 17 - 18
  ADVENTURE 1090R 17 - 18
  ADVENTURE 1190 ABS 13 - 16
  SUPER ADVENTURE 1290 15 - 18
  SUPER ADVENTURE 1290R 17 - 20
  SUPER ADVENTURE 1290S 19 - 20
  SUPER ADVENTURE 1290T 17 - 17
  SUPER DUKE 990 04 - 11
  SUPER DUKE 990R 07 - 13
  SUPER DUKE 1290 GT 16 - 20
  SUPER DUKE 1290R 14 - 19
  SUPER DUKE 1290R 20 - 20
  SUPER ENDURO 950R 06 - 08
  SUPERMOTO 950 05 - 07
  SUPERMOTO 950R 07 - 08
  SUPERMOTO 990 08 - 09
  SUPERMOTO 990R 09 - 13
  SUPERMOTO 990T 09 - 13

Fluid (Use KTM approved fluid only)
Some models use mineral oil, some models use DOT 4, although the Oberon Performance slave unit will accept either oil without any issues, the master cylinder will only function correctly with the fluid recommended by either Brembo or Magura. Please check if you are unsure.