LEV-B260 Adjustable Brake Lever for Harley Davidson
LEV-B260 Adjustable Brake Lever for Harley Davidson

LEV-B260 Adjustable Brake Lever for Harley Davidson

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Adjustable motorcycle levers by Oberon Performance. Adjustment is achieved with fingertip control in either adjuster direction. The eight adjustments are either side of position 4 (similar to stock) giving adjustment up to 30mm (1 1/8") of lever travel. Our unique RADIAL CAM® design achieves this extraordinary range with ease. This is mainly due to both the close tolerance design and the high quality roller bearing, around which the cam operates locating each position with a comforting 'click'. Each lever is despatched fully assembled in the style and colour of your choice ready for use. Oberon Performance supplies a full specification sheet including part numbers with all levers. The cams in the levers have been hard anodised for longevity and reliability, sufficiently lubricated on assembly for smooth adjustment transition.

Also available as an alternative choice are the Oberon Performance ergonomic levers with a standard blade if you desire more 'original' looks. Order STD for no slot and AIRO for slot at the end of the lever.

Lever length is 7" from centre of pivot point to end of lever ball, or 17.5cm in metric.

o Oberon RADIAL CAM® System
o 8 selectable position settings
o CNC machined from billet aluminium
o Precision roller bearing for smooth action
o 3mm Ball Bearing click guide
o Short Reach setting for easier operation
o OEM anti-rattle shim accommodated
o Simple to install Clutch and Brake Lever
o Stainless steel fasteners
o Original lever position enhanced
o Integrated adjustment stop
o Manufacturer's warranty
o Lever Blade colours;
Black, Blue, Gold, Red, Silver and Titanium look
o Adjuster Switch colours;
Black, Blue, Gold, Orange, Red, and Silver
o Lever position range up to 30mm



FORTY-EIGHT XL1200X 14 - 20
IRON 1200 XL1200NS 19 - 20
IRON 883 XL883N 14 - 17
IRON 883 XL883N 18 - 20
ROADSTER XL1200CX 17 - 20
SEVENTY-TWO XL1200V 14 - 16
SPORTSTER 1200 CUSTOM XL1200C 14 - 19
SPORTSTER 1200CUSTOM XL1200C 17 - 17
SUPER LOW 1200T XL1200T 14 - 17
SUPER LOW XL883L 14 - 19