LED Indicator Resistors

LED Indicator Resistors

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Oberon Performance approved LED Indicator Resistors for use with Oberon Performance LED indicator systems. The purpose to the resistor is to 'fool' the original indicator flasher relay unit by offering the same resistance as the original filament light bulb. As a result of this resistance, the LED indicator resistor will gain considerable heat like a light bulb. Therefore a certain amount of caution should always be applied when working with electric, even at low voltages.
Installation is very simple and the resistor has two wire location points and is meant to be wired in parallel. This simply means one end of the resistor is wired to the power lead and the other end for the ground lead. A simple diagram is included with every purchase and Oberon Performance customer services are always available to advise further if required.
For best results it is always recommended that all wiring is suitably soldered and the resistor, to be mounted on a smooth metallic surface to help absorb the heat generated. It will never be advised to mount the resistor on plastic or other surfaces that are not designed to withstand heated metal. Additionally please ensure all wiring is also protected with suitable and waterproof coverings such as heat shrink or insulated electrical tape.

Two resistors to a pack. One pack is all that is required per bike.

Resistance: 6.8 ohms
Power Rating: 25 Watts
Package/Case: Aluminium Housed
Termination Style: Axial

Resistor Wiring Diagram